Signiture of artist Hans Liska


Liska was a man of the world. Born in Vienna, having lived and worked in Switzerland and Germany, he was travelling the world for important events. He loved bringing to paper what he saw and to capture those little moments that make life special and bring us joy. Especially during his later years he focussed on his Franconian and Austrian home that he felt so connected to.

Holidays in the South of Europe

Together with his wife and friends Hans Liska went on many amazing trips from which he brought rich experiences back to his atelier to bring them back to life on paper.

Already in his youth, during his time in Switzerland, he biked with friends through the Alps all the way to Venice.

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Liska's Home in Franconia

After the war the painter ended up in the remote town Scheßlitz in Franconia (close to Bamberg). Here he met his soon-to-be wife Lisl and settled down.

Over the years he fell in love with the unique, detailed cities and picturesque landscapes of his new home and immortalised them in numerous books.

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memories from his trip to Spain
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