Fun  At  Work

Always a joke on his lips throughout his entire life, Liska got his humour from his mother. He had the rare gift to make himself popular with any crowd.
The following pieces were created from scrap paper, used to soak up left-over paint. Once used up he would paint little pictures and figurines. Throughout many of his paintings you can discover his humorous character in small details.
' Sunken Sailing-Ship '
' Jolly animals are finding an egg '
' A detective's left eye watches
a brutal bank robbery '
Liska mainly painted figurative motifs. However, in his later years he also created some exciting abstract paintings.
'A nose monkey eavesdrops on two dinosaurs'
'vain peacocks'
'poisonous mushrooms'

'In the totally polluted sea, a diver succeeds in filming an unknown fish'
- Hans Liska -

'Chagall's Chicken - lost on the ice rink'

'Good Friends and I'

Liska in a self-portrait amongst his fun 'friends' which he loved to feature throughout his paintings.

' Bathing Forbidden! '
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